Counting and other Detection Technologies.

Highly sensitive scintillation methods reveal the presence of contaminants far below regulatory requirements for all sort of isotopes. Alpha discrimination capability is especially valuable in cases where actinides are the issue.

Radiation Detection And Measurement:


C-Nucleonics operates on a deep base of scientific knowledge in nuclear physics, chemistry and understanding of statistical methods needed to determine how best to find answers. 

Our mission is to listen to our client's specific needs and competently deliver scientifically valid information....

Major areas of interest and recent projects

  • anti-proliferation and anti-terrorism: homeland security projects
  • post-event technical analysis
  • nuclear incidents

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At C-Nucleonics, we bring a lifetime of experience in looking for key signals of radioactivity and in the measurement of prompt radiation sources. Our in-house technical capabilities are extensive, and focus on spectrometry where this makes sense for your need. 

Because of the pivotal role we may play in your technical plans, C-Nucleonics is committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with our customers, built on a foundation of excellence and trust. From the analysis data we produce to the advice that accompanies it, we strive for best and dedicated customer service and support, by understanding what is important to you. 


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Your Spectrometer May NOT Be the Limiting Element on Detection-downloadable June 1st, 2016:

Understand  all the factors in a sample analysis method that can be limiting your search on trace materials.

author D.K. Barillari, PhD

  • Megavoltage cancer therapy centre neutrons shielding investigation by MCNP Monte Carlo
  • Tritium detection at-site using special field equipment.
  • Detection of Fukushima-level events half a world away: atom counting for safety and peace.


March 9th 2017

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request for comments to the draft regulatory document:

Safeguards and Nuclear Material Accountancy

which can be had at

Forensics support

Consulting, Evaluation and Design services

Monte-Carlo detailed propagation simulation of X-rays entering the adult chest, made using our proprietary ELEPHANT II code.

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Recent and archived white papers by C-Nucleonics staff.

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Environmental Sampling

Shielding studies

Numerical analysis capabilities, including well-known and proprietary radiation codes, among them:

  • MCNP
  • PENELOPE suite of em shower codes
  • NRC EGGs codes
  • ELEPHANT II (proprietary)

using latest nuclear and atomic cross-section data: ENDF, EPICS, various NIST database types, etc.

Technical Resources page

Project Scale Scientific and Technical support

All familiar types of counting systems from liquid scintillation systems, solid state detectors (scintillation based and otherwise) to gas based proportional devices. In ADDITION, a valuable part of our quantification and characterization suite is an ICP source mass spectrometer with TIMS and SIMS options.

Electronic design and modification capabilities with pulse processing and counting a specialty We have a fully modern and equipped electronic design shop.. Experience in both CAMAC and NIMBIN engineering for :

  •   nuclear systems measurements
  •   nuclear experiments
  •   high energy physics data collection systems.

Among other resources, we have at our disposal for immediate application to detection and protection problems, conventional or novel:

We are ready to sample almost any matrix for for low level activity using a variety of in-field methods and lab work-up to get an optimal reading on any isotope of interest.

Our expertise across all areas of nuclear physics and nuclear radiations measurements allows us to also help specify project where use and management of third party resources is required in the scope of large projects.

Our analysis capability extends to many site types, suspected sample forms and types,  and at remarkable sensitivities.

Local regulators and regulatory issues

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Scientific Industry Journals

  • Journal of Radioanalytical  and Nuclear Chemisty:  Springer publishing.
  • Actinide Research Quarterly: Los Alamos National Laboratory.
  • Radiochemistry: Springer publishing.

Leak Detection

photo credit: Argonne National Laboratories.

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High quality methodological and numerical evaluations of radiation shields, existing and proposed designs: potential money and effort saver of the most important type..