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Special Events 

A great success! thanks to all participants....looking forwards to our NEXT:

Annual Nuclear and Particle Science Instrumentation Symposium, in 2017, (Toronto or Montreal)

This is a preliminary announcement for invited papers to be presented to peers in working in the field of detector and instrumentation design, encouraging any or all in the subfields of:

  • HEP/ experimental cosmology
  • Nuclear Physics (e.g., heavy ion experimenters)
  • Inertial and magnetic confinement fusion research
  • nuclear medical physics,

....and many other areas, to share with their colleagues and interested non-specialists their latest results.

Time frame: early October 2017, duration : 4 days


Siting: downtown Toronto: Sheraton Centre conference rooms,  OR Delta Conference centre in the downtown Montreal Delta Hotel

Selection of site to be made by Jan 2017 by a consensus of presenters.....

Both lovely cities to visit in the fall!

Please contact D. Barillari under contacts above for information by e-mail.