Lab Analytical Services

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Consultation Services

Currently , C-Nucleonics provides the following services on an on-going basis for clients with simpler and intermittent needs of us -

  1. Wipes counting by various means;
  2. Simple counting of most type of low-activity specimens;
  3. Sample isotopic analysis or precision spectral determination for any of the 3 canonical radiation types (alpha, beta, gamma)
  4. Depending on sample, pre-treatment and isolation chemistry can be offered.


  1. Statistical analysis of data results.
  2. Affirmation or validation of  counting methodologies.
  3. Validation of shielding - high quality radiation propagation studies.
  4. Preparation, on-behalf--of, CNSC documentation for certain practices.

Safety Training - NEW

We are often called upon to provided radiation safety training for :

+  prospective Radiation Safety Officers

+   Health Physics personnel

+   Emergency Responders

+       other teachers - please inquire about setting up a safety course for your needs.