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Thank you for visiting our site: the following career and employment opportunities are now being offered at C-Nucleonics -

Currently we are considering 2 new specific positions; you are invited to mail in a resume or CV to :

with subject line 'resume' and position name

1) Scientific Subject Matter Expert, X-rays in security systems

Minimal requirements: BSc in physics or chemistry;  thesis ore other equivalent demonstration of competency with X-ray-matter interaction physics. People skills essential for working constructively with our clients!

2) Laboratory tech

    Competency an inalytical laboratory operations a must - industry experience a definite asset. Special consideration given to those with both instrumental and wet-lab operations associated with mass-spectrometry.

Minimal requirements: BSc in chemistry with  analytical chemistry specialty OR physicist with mass spec/ion beam background.


All submissions are held in confidence and can be removed from our files upon request.

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